How do I schedule a PARTY @ the Next Level?

Call  Michelle or Darlene and we'd be happy to reserve your special day and time!
For your convenience, you can also request a date by e-mail. 
Call Darlene @ 256-627-3400- Leave a Message
or Michelle @ 256-856-4688

Is a deposit required?

A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your party. The balance is due and payable before the start of your party on the party day (exact cash, please).

How many guests can attend?

You may have up to 20 children/party attendees. Laser guns are limited in number. The more guests you have, the less they play. For inflatables, you don't want too many children piling on each other.

Is there an additional charge for siblings, parents, and/or caregivers?

There is no additional charge for parents or care-givers.

What time should  I arrive?

We ask that you arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled starting time.

Do I need to stay at the party?

The party host is required to stay at the party. Other adults are also welcome to stay.

Is each guest required to have a completed/signed waiver?

For insurance purposes, all guests must have a waiver completed and signed by a parent/guardian. For your convenience, family members aged 17 years or younger may be included on the same waiver.  Waivers are available at the door or online.

Are socks required?

For guest safety and enjoyment, socks are required to play on the inflatables.  We have socks available for $1 per pair.

Will PARTY @ the Next Level provide supervision?

We do not provide any supervision.  You and any other parents present will be responsible for watching the children while they play. 

Can I spend more than the designated time @ the Next Level?

We’re sorry, but we cannot extend your play time.

Will there be a PARTY @ the Next Level staff member available to assist me?

Yes - a staff member will be available to assist you. Just let us know what you need.

Can I bring balloons and/or paper products to decorate?

You’re welcome to use your own decorations. To preserve the integrity of our party area, we do not permit ceiling decorations, streamers, silly string, confetti, or piñatas. 

Can I give my party guests goody bags or other gifts or toys?

Certainly, but we request that all gifts to guests be given as they leave the party.  If you give them out earlier, they might be forgotten or broken.    

Do you provide party area clean up?

Absolutely! After you have removed everything you want to keep, we will clean up what is left.

Can I bring food to my party?

You may bring cake, cupcakes, prepackaged dry snacks, candy, pizza, hot dogs or whatever you like to your party. Please keep all food and drinks in the party area.

Can I bring drinks?

Yes.  And, you might want to bring extras.  The kids get thirsty with all the running and/or jumping.  A cooler is helpful or you can use our refrigerator.
*For your safety and enjoyment, food and/or beverages are not permitted near or on the inflatables.

Are there any additional items I need to bring to the party?

You will need to bring any food or refreshments you would like to serve.  You will also need to bring paper products and utensils. If you will be bringing a cake, please bring a serving knife, candles, and a lighter.  A marker is a good idea for marking drinks. For your convenience, we have socks available for purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions
We look forward to your PARTY @ the Next Level!
If you have any other questions or concerns, please call us
at 256-627-3400 or 256-856-4688
For Laser Tag questions or concerns, please call
Michelle Higgins at 256-856-4688